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Deflection of a Spring

The most common definition for deflection (F) of a spring expressed by technical publications is:
"Motion of spring ends or arms under the application or removal of an external load (P)".

In this definition, spring ends refer to compression springs and extension springs while arms refer to torsion springs.

Simply stated, deflection in compression and extension springs is the movement of the spring, either by applying force to it or removing force from it. In the case of torsion springs, deflection is the movement of the torsion arms (legs), again caused by applying or removing force (load).

Please contact the Newcomb Spring facility nearest you for more information on deflection and other considerations of spring design. Newcomb Spring also offers a special technical guide on CD that includes an animated glossary and information on spring characteristics. To request one of our technical cds, visit our contact page (please write that you are requesting a CD in the Notes field).


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