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Slenderness Ratio

When we talk about slenderness ratio we are usually describing the ratio of the Free Length (FL) of a compression spring to its Mean Diameter (D).

This ratio is important in that the higher the ratio, the more buckling will occur, especially if the spring is not supported over a rod or within a cavity. Additionally, the spring maker's ability to control close load tolerances is challenged, thus increasing the need for additional free length tolerance.

Slenderness Ration =
FL / D

where FL= Free Length, D = Diameter

Please contact the Newcomb Spring facility nearest you for more information on slenderness ratio and other considerations of spring design. Newcomb Spring also offers a special technical guide on CD that includes an animated glossary and information on spring characteristics. To request one of our technical cds, visit our contact page (please write that you are requesting a CD in the Notes field).


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