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Compression Spring Shapes

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Common Compression Spring Shapes – Barrel Springs, Conical Springs, Hourglass Springs

Barrel-Shaped Compression Springs

These compression springs have a larger diameter in the middle and a smaller diameter at each end. Sometimes called convex springs, the barrel shape of the spring makes it less likely to bend while under load, often allowing these compression springs to be manufactured longer than constant coil springs with less concern for warping (which is especially useful in applications where the spring can not be supported by a rod). Often several end coils of the barrel shaped compression spring are closed in order to ensure the spring remains centered when supported over a rod.

Barrel Shaped Compression Spring
Shape of the barrel spring makes it less likely

Cone-Shaped / Conical Compression Springs

Cone-shaped springs, also known as conical springs, feature a diameter at one end that is smaller than the diameter at the other end of the spring. Under certain conditions, these compression springs allow for loads to be achieved at lower heights, as by their shape they are naturally “telescoping” – in some instances thesolid height of the spring is only the diameter of the wire.

Often cone-shaped compression springs are utilized when one end of the spring fits inside a set space, and the spring is supported by an interior rod. Cone-shaped compression springs can improve stability and are often chosen for situations where vibration or movement from external factors are a concern.



Hourglass-Shaped Compression Spring

Hourglass-shaped compression springs, also referred to as concave shaped springs, have a smaller diameter in the middle of the spring and a larger diameter at each end. It is not required that each end diameter be the same, or for the most narrow part of the diameter to be in the exact middle of the spring’s length. Customers often select this compression spring shape as the larger end diameter allows the part to center over a larger hole, while allowing a lower solid height than a constant diameter spring.


Hourglass Shaped Compression Spring
HOURGLASS SHAPE ALLOWS the spring to center
over a larger hole

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