Compression Springs

Compression Springs

  • .007 to .625 Inches In Spring Wire Diameter
  • Up to 2.0 Inches Bar Stock
  • Round, Rectangular, Square & Special-Section Wire
  • Standard & Custom Compression Spring Body Shapes

Compression Spring Grinding

Compression spring ends often are ground to increase operational life and to allow the spring to sit squarely on the load-bearing surface. Grinding of compression springs also increases the number of active coils and the wire diameter available in a given volume of space, which can result in higher loads or lower stresses. As a modern compression springs manufacturer, our facilities operate with a wide variety of equipment - from hand-operated grinding tools to automatic, high-speed vertical spindle disc grinders.

Design of Compression Springs

Many issues related to the design of compression springs should be considered, as these relate directly to the spring's performance. Compression spring manufacturing tolerance requirements, squareness of ends, deflection and the slenderness ratio often are overlooked in the design process. Newcomb's sales and engineering staff will gladly review your compression spring specifications. We can offer design assistance and recommend the best options to control costs and make sure the spring functions to fit your needs. View our Compression Spring Gallery.

Compression Spring Formulas for Dimension Characteristics

Spring Characteristic Open Open & Ground Closed Closed & Ground
Pitch (p) L - d
L - 3d
L - 2d
Solid Height (H) d(N1 + 1) d x N1 d(N1 + 1) d x N1
Total Coils (N1) na na + 1 na + 2 na + 2
Free Length (L) (p x na) + d p x na (p x na) + 3d (p x na) + 2d
d = Diameter of Round Wire (in. or mm.)
L = Free Length     N1 = Number of Coils
Na = Number of Active Coils
p = Pitch

Compression Spring Diagrams

Compression Spring Closed Not Ground

Compression Spring Closed Ground

Compression Spring with Closed Ends,
Not Ground, Left-Hand Helix

Compression Spring with Closed & Ground Ends,
Right-Hand Helix

Compression Spring Open Not Ground Compression Spring Open Ground

Compression Spring with Open Ends,
Not Ground, Right-Hand Helix

Compression Spring with Open & Ground Ends,
Left-Hand Helix

Compression Spring Free LengthCompression Spring Ground Surface

View Compression Spring Videos

Small Compression Spring

Compression Spring Order Information

As with all Newcomb Spring-produced parts, we can custom manufacture any compression spring to fit your needs. As a trusted compression spring manufacturer, we have offered great prices, high quality and total customer satisfaction for more than a century.

To experience the Newcomb Spring difference for yourself, contact us today, or request a compression spring manufacturing quote online.

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