Micro Springs

Micro Springs

  • .002 to .006 Inches In Spring Wire Diameter
  • Micro Compression, Extension & Torsion Springs
  • Standard & Custom Micro Spring Body Shapes
  • Often used for Medical Applications
  • Custom Micro Springs, Manufactured to Your Specifications

Newcomb Spring manufactures micro springs in a variety of shapes, lengths and materials. We maintain the strictest compliance to order specifications for all micro spring parts, producing precise components for even the most critical applications. Many of our micro springs are utilized in medical applications, however, with our extremely strict compliance to specifications, Newcomb micro springs and micro-sized components are used by a variety of industries and in specialized functions.

Newcomb facilities manufacture micro compression spring, extension spring and torsion spring components. All of our parts are custom produced to meet your specifications and needs.

With state-of-the-art equipment and advanced quality control technologies, we are able to manufacture micro springs with highly-repeatable results, meeting customer tolerance requirements while maintaining manufacturing efficiency. This allows Newcomb Spring to deliver the highest quality micro spring parts at low prices.




Our micro spring and micro-sized parts are utilized in a variety of unique, specialized and mission critical applications. Micro springs often these springs require additional secondary operations so our parts will meet the needs of your application and so they are easy to use in your products. Our facilities offer a wide variety of secondary operations and advanced capabilities often used in micro spring manufacturing, including:

As a custom manufacturer of micro springs, our operations and services can be tailored to best fit your needs and order requirements.




All of our micro springs are available in varying lengths, in standard and custom spring body designs. As a manufacturer of completely custom micro spring components, Newcomb can produce parts to meet your needs and application. We offer design assistance on all micro spring parts we produce, and even have our very own spring calculator, the Springulator®, to help customers in the engineering of their micro springs.

Our micro spring part types include:



Micro Spring Group

Micro Spring Order Information

As with all Newcomb Spring-produced parts, we can custom manufacture any micro spring to fit your needs. As a trusted micro spring manufacturer, we have offered great prices, high quality and total customer satisfaction for more than a century.

To experience the Newcomb Spring difference for yourself, contact us today, or request a micro compression spring, extension spring or torsion spring manufacturing quote online.

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