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Resortes Newcomb

Metal Form & Spring Manufacturing for Mexico
phone: (915) 584-6662
fax: (915) 877-2669

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The Newcomb Spring Network: Mexico & Latin America


Resortes Newcomb is dedicated to serving the needs of customers located south of the U.S. border. We provide bilingual and Spanish-speaking services and are often a direct contact point for Spanish-speaking customers. Resortes Newcomb also assists the entire Newcomb Spring Corporation in the export of springs, wire forms and metal stampings for customers in Mexico and Latin America.

The Resortes Newcomb staff can advise on part considerations as well as offer design assistance and manufacturing recommendations, helping to lower production costs. Our team is experienced in the regulations and laws related to importing and exporting metal parts to various countries. We also assist customers throughout the order process.

Resortes Newcomb collaborates with Newcomb Spring plants as well as our corporate headquarters. Using real-time information sharing, part specifications and order details are communicated quickly and efficiently, and the highest level of customer service is maintained.

Contact Resortes Newcomb

If you would like to speak with the Resortes Newcomb team, please call 915-584-6662 or email us at resortes@newcombspring.com. We are more than happy to discuss your order needs, and can answer any questions about our manufacturing and shipping processes.

Other Locations

Resortes Newcomb utilizes real-time information sharing with our other locations. We offer facilities in the following locations:

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