Retaining Rings, Snap Rings

Shaped Rings

  • .010 to .625 Inches in Wire Diameter
  • Round, 1/2 Round, Square, Rectangle & Specialty Wire
  • Special Ring Shapes Including Hexagon & Oblong

Shaped Ring Technical Info

Shaped rings, like springs, are used as energy-storing devices and can be found in all types of mechanical products. Newcomb Spring produces an array of rings in all sizes and shapes, which are used in a variety of applications. Most of the rings we produce are round in shape, though our custom process allow us to manufacture other shapes, including hexagon and oblong. Common ring types include snap rings and retaining rings.

Generally, rings are considered to be external or internal. External rings are typically used to hold a collection of items together, and can be installed on a shaft. Internal rings typically are inserted into a bored area or housing, and exert pressure outward. When installed, the ring is elastically deformed and put into place, in order to snap back to its unstressed condition.

Many designs opt for rings, like retaining rings or snap rings – as opposed to pins or screws - as they offer greater tolerances and require less machining.

Materials for Shaped Rings

Most often, ring materials are selected by the environment that the part will be used in. However, different material types offer different load capacities which need to be considered to ensure the ring will operate without the risk of failure. Newcomb Spring’s design assistance team is ready to help you with the design of your shaped rings, snap rings and retaining rings, so please contact the location closest to you.

Ring Types

Newcomb Spring produces shaped rings to meet to meet the strictest customer tolerance requirements. While each part we produce is custom, most can be generally categorized by ring type and function:

  • Internal Ring
  • External Ring
  • Expander Ring
  • Retaining Ring
  • Internal Retaining Ring
  • External Retaining Ring
  • Snap Ring / Metal Snap Ring
  • Custom Snap Rings
  • Internal Snap Ring
  • External Snap Ring
  • Rectangle Wire Snap Ring
  • Connecting Ring
  • Hose Clamp Ring
  • Hydraulic Lock Ring
  • Locating Ring
  • Locking Ring
  • Lock Release Ring
  • Piston Ring
  • Specialty Rings
  • Spiral Ring


Ring Diagrams

The following is a general guild for specifying shaped ring dimensions. Please contact Newcomb Spring if you require design assistance, or with any questions.

shaped rings diagram

Shaped Rings Diagram

Shaped Rings Diagram Gap

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Small Snap Rings, Retaining Rings

Shaped Ring Order Information

As with all Newcomb Spring-produced parts, we can custom manufacture any shaped ring to fit your needs. As a trusted shaped ring manufacturer, we have offered great prices, high quality and total customer satisfaction for more than a century.

To experience the Newcomb Spring difference for yourself, contact us today, or request a shaped ring manufacturing quote online.

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