Wire Form Assortment

Wire Form Manufacturer

  • Completely Custom Wire Form Manufacturer
  • .007 to .315 Inches (8mm) In Wire Diameter For Round Wire
  • Round, Rectangular, Square & Special-Section Wire

Wire Form Manufacturer Gallery

As a custom wire form manufacturer, Newcomb Spring can produce wire form components in shapes, sizes and designs to meet your unique specifications. Using materials from .007 to .315 inches in wire diameter, we provide fast, accurate and efficient wire forming services. We offer over a century of design and manufacturing experience, and can provide design assistance on your wire form manufacturing order, working with you to help lower production costs and review your part's fit and function. Below are just a small selection of the wire forms we have produced, including:

  • Battery Contact Wire Form
  • Clamp Wire Form
  • Cotter Pin Wire Form
  • D Ring Wire Form
  • Eyelet Wire Form
  • Guide Wire
  • Hanger Form
  • Hinged Clamp Wire Form
  • Hook Wire Form
  • Latch Form
  • Trip Wire
  • Wire Bracket
  • Wire Supports
Wireform Gallery

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