Wire Forms

Wire Forms

  • .007 to .315 Inches (8mm) In Wire Diameter For Round Wire
  • Up to 2.0 Inches Bar Stock
  • Round, Rectangular, Square & Special-Section Wire
  • Custom Wire Forms Manufactured to Your Specs

Wire Form Design & Prototyping

Recent advances in CNC manufacturing technology have significantly lowered the cost of creating prototypes of complex wire form parts. The Newcomb engineering staff gladly assists customers with part design, and we often produce wire form prototypes to help make sure components will fit spacial requirements. Modern prototypes often can be changed and reproduced in minutes, saving time, lowering costs and avoiding design errors.

To make sure a component's dimensions fall within predetermined tolerances, wire forms often are stress-relieved during production. This process improves the reliability of Newcomb Spring wire forms in your products while streamlining the manufacturing process and lowering total production costs.

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As with all Newcomb Spring parts, we custom manufacture wire forms to precisely comply to each customer's tolerance specifications. We can produce wire forms out of almost any material shape, although most often wire forms are produced from:

  • rolled round wire
  • flattened round wire
  • rectangular material
  • shaped material
  • tempered wire when wire forms are designed to store and release energy


Wire form Videos

Small Wire Forms

Wire Form Order Information

As with all Newcomb Spring-produced parts, we can custom manufacture any wire form to fit your needs. As a trusted wire form manufacturer, we have offered great prices, high quality and total customer satisfaction for more than a century.

To experience the Newcomb Spring difference for yourself, contact us today, or request a wire form manufacturing quote online.

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