Industry-Leading Metal Form & Spring Manufacturer

  • Since its founding, Newcomb Spring has led the metal form and spring manufacturing industry, and we are proud to remain a family-run business. Our skilled staff custom manufactures springs, stampings and wire forms for customers around the world.
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The Newcomb Spring Difference - A Precision Metal Form & Spring Manufacturer

Newcomb Spring is proud of our position as North America's leading metal form and custom spring manufacturer. Backed by a long-standing legacy, we have served our customers with precision, custom metal form and spring manufacturer services. With the latest technology, modern equipment and with an emphasis on customized production capabilities, Newcomb Spring continues to be the "Kan-Do" company.

We work to continuously adapt to the ever-changing needs of the metal form and spring manufacturer market, and consistently invest in new production technologies and machinery. Newcomb Spring offers a network of facilities that allow us to respond locally and act globally. As a leading spring company, we proudly manufacture quality parts at low prices for customers in North America, South America and around the world. Our locations operate with advanced certified quality systems, modern spring manufacturing equipment, and are linked with the real-time information-sharing software.

One of our greatest assets is the experienced and dedicated Newcomb Spring staff, who have helped to build the company into one of the largest and most reliable metal form and spring manufacturers in North America. Our experienced team consistently produces the highest quality parts, and each staff member receives constant training throughout his or her career to ensure we retain this standard of excellence.

With our unique and specialized combination of operating procedures, staff, facilities and leadership that has allowed Newcomb Spring to produce the highest quality springs and metal forms on-time and at a competitive price. We are proud of our position as one of North America's most respected and largest metal form and spring manufacturers, and work hard every day to deliver the highest quality, custom manufactured springs and metal forms.

It's why we are known as the "Kan-Do Company" - whatever your needs are, Newcomb Kan-Do It.

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