Battery Conduct Spring Conductivity

Standard & Unique Battery Contact Materials

Newcomb Spring has manufactured thousands of custom battery contacts, and is ready to work with you to produce the best component for your application. We offer a selection of unique and standard stock materials, and our design assistance engineers can review conductivity and performance considerations. Our precision manufacturing services reduce scrap and errors, and allow us to efficiently and cost-effectively produce custom battery contacts using even extremely precious materials.

Electrical Conductivity For Battery Contact Materials

Please review the chart below for some of our commonly-requested battery contact manufacturing materials, for reference resistivity and conductivity information. Newcomb Spring facilities commonly stock nickel-plated carbon steel, though we manufacture large runs, short runs and prototypes of an extensive variety of battery contact materials.

battery clips
Material Resistivity Conductivity
Silver 1.59x10-8 6.30x107
Copper 1.68x10-8 5.96x107
Gold 2.44x10-8 4.10x107
Aluminum 2.82x10-8 3.5x107
Calcium 3.36x10-8 2.98x107
Tungsten 5.60x10-8 1.79x107
Zinc 5.90x10-8 1.69x107
Nickel 6.99x10-8 1.43x107
Lithium 9.28x10-8 1.08x107
Iron 1.0x10-7 1.00x107
Platinum 1.06x10-7 9.43x106
Tin 1.09x10-7 9.17x106
Stainless Steel 6.9x10-7 1.45x106