About Springulator®

  • The Industry’s Most Advanced Spring Calculator

The Springulator® is viewed as the best and most robust spring design calculator resource by industry professionals. With easy-to-use functions, reference diagrams and stress charting, the Springulator provides data for:

Use our web-based version or download our Springulator spring design calculator app. Visit the App Store for your iPhone or iPad device, or the Google Play store for your Android device. Created for engineers and designers, the Springulator allows users to calculate an array of information with minimal data input. With only a few fields of data entered, the Springulator provides a calculation of information about a spring design including:

  • stress, corrected stress & stress at load height 
  • tension, free length, solid height, load at solid height, total number of coils, active coils, rate, deflection, index, Wahl factor, torsional movement & part weight 
  • spring stress charts with material tolerance guidelines 
  • calculations based on selected materials
  • english and metric measurements
  • adjustable initial tension for extension springs
  • emailable and quotable results

Springulator is a useful tool for users who wish to check the stress of a design, calculate spring functions and test spring capabilities. Please note all results and spring functionality are for design purposes only and are not guaranteed accurate. Please contact Newcomb Spring directly to test and confirm the feasibility of any design.

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