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  • Springulator® spring calculations are currently supported on:
    Apple iPhone and iPad iOS 5 and up.
    Android 4.0 and up.
Newcomb technical Support

App Navigation

The Springulator app was created to be as user-friendly as possible. Most functions can be accessed by simply tapping the appropriate button/field on your screen. You can return to the previous screen by tapping the gray left-pointing arrow at the top of each screen.

Internet Requirements

Most Springulator functions do not require access to the Internet. Spring calculations, material selections, end type selections, and the Extension Spring Initial Tension Slider will all function without Internet.

Internet Access Is Required:

  • to generate stress charts (iOS requires, Android does not require)
  • to email spring calculations and design results
  • to request a quote

If you attempt to utilize one of these functions and are not connected to the Internet, a pop-up dialog box will appear with an error message stating the issue.

There may be instances where the connection signal/strength is too low to properly transmit data. A pop-up box will appear noting the low signal strength. Please re-try to use this function when connection to the Internet is stronger.

Error Messages

The Springulator has incorporated a number of error messages that appear when data fields have been entered with information that is either incorrect or will result in a design that is not possible. If you are receiving error messages and believe your design should work, please confirm your app is functioning properly by using sample values and results page to check there is not an issue with your device or the app. For sample values visit the Spring Calculation Sample Values and Results on our How to Use page.

If you continue to receive an error message please sync your phone with your iTunes or Google Play account, confirm you are using the latest version of the app, re-load the app onto your device, or contact our support representatives using the form to the right.

If you are having problems related to the design of a part you plan to have manufactured, please visit our contact page and a Newcomb Spring design representative will assist you. Please keep in mind that the Springulator spring calculator has been created for engineers and design professionals, and an inherent knowledge of spring design is required to properly utilize the app.

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Material Stresses & Charting

When generating your spring design's stresses in the Stress Chart, the red line indicates the maximum stress your selected material is capable of tolerating, based on industry tensile strength standards.

In some specific instances a spring may be manufactured with parameters at the limit, or even beyond the limit of the Springulator's provided stress chart. Additionally, not all material types are suited for certain applications. Please contact Newcomb Spring for design checks for any spring you are having manufactured to confirm functionality.

Design Results

Please note all spring calculation results and spring functionality are for design purposes only and are not guaranteed accurate. Please contact Newcomb Spring directly to test and confirm the feasibility of any design.

Our design assistance team can often suggest ways to lower the production costs of your part as well.

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