• Tabletop Cobot Drives Industrial Automation

At Newcomb Spring Corp, we are always looking for ways to continue to improve efficiency and quality – that’s why robotic automation has become a vital part of our manufacturing processes. Newcomb Spring Corp has remained at the forefront of innovation, adding proprietary and purchased technologies to their plants and boosting their technology arsenal.

Robotic Technology

Advanced Technology. Advanced Work Environments.

Our employees work best when they have the best tools possible. Technological innovations like the tabletop robot work collaboratively with employees - that’s why it’s referred to as a cobot - improving efficiency through precision movement. Robots also reduce parts handling, worker fatigue and repetitive motion injuries. Newcomb employees supervise the robot’s performance, but are also freed up to monitor other machines, program the next function, conduct quality checks and pack the filled trays into packing boxes, for greater efficiency. Employees are able to increase output and eliminate routine tasks. And for a long run that requires minimal oversight, our robot increases productivity dramatically by running 24-hours a day.

Safer, Cleaner, More Efficient, More Precise.

The tabletop cobot's precision movements provide accurate positioning and timing. The cobot’s gripper grasps the parts’ complex geometry without causing damage to the springs, just as the wire is cut, ensuring that your parts are to your specifications every time. Less handling by employees makes for cleaner parts and more consistent quality. With six jointed connections that provide 360-degree rotational movement, it can work alongside employees without safety guides, due to built-in systems that automatically stops the robot’s arm if it encounters an object or person in its path.

Quality Control Across Applications.

Whether you make medical applications, aerospace applications, or other complex components where accurate, precise part handling is a necessity, our robotic technology allows us to streamline operations and manufacture parts more quickly and accurately. This precision and speed means we can handle high-volume jobs with ease. By eliminating routine tasks for employees and increasing output, it is a way to offer the best value to our customers without sacrificing quality.

Metal Form & Spring Manufacturing Compliance

With a combination of advanced machinery and Newcomb Spring software, our parts are able to meet extremely high levels of compliance, and can be custom manufactured quickly, accurately and to highly-unique order requirements. With the addition of our tabletop cobot cleaner, precise parts can be made with the highest possible efficiency.

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